Shipping Terms

All shipments are made by Express Courier (use the major national and international Couriers).

We ship virtually anywhere in the world.

The amount of shipping and packaging expenses, to be added to the article price, is quantified in detail, according to weight, volume and destination Country, during the ordering process (process which can be always interrupted, before payment).

If more than one shipping option are available for the selected Country, the shipping cost might vary according to delivery time and to means of transport to be used (road transport – air transport + road transport).

In case of delivery outside EU, possible Customs duty, taxes on imports at the destination Country, administrative fees and any other relevant costs will be charged and quantified by the Courier to the Client at delivery and the Client will pay for them directly the Courier.

During the ordering process, the Client will know if we dispatch our articles also to his/her area/country: if the Client finds it on the drop down menu among the displayed Countries, then we dispatch also to his/her Area/Country.

During the order process, the Client will know if we deliver also in his/her Country.

Italy apart, the Delivery Methods are organized dividing Continents in sub-Areas which contain each several Nations (eg. ASIA 1 contains: AFGHANISTAN - ARMENIA - AZERBAIJAN - BAHRAIN - PALESTINE - KAZAKHSTAN - KYRGYZISTAN - TAJIKISTAN - TURKMENISTAN - UZBEKISTAN).

In the Shopping Cart, the Client selects the shipping method (ITALY - EUROPE 1-2-3-4-5-6 - AMERICA 1-2-3 - AFRICA 1-2 - ASIA 1-2-3 - Oceania) from the drop down menu: if inside the list of Region or Countries of destination the Client finds his/her Region or his/her Country, then we deliver in his/her Region or in his/her Country.

If the Client does not find his/her Country among the listed Countries on eg. EUROPE 1, needs to go to EUROPE 2, and, if he/she does not find his/her Country in EUROPE 2 either, he/she needs to go to EUROPE 3-4-5-6 (the same process applies also to AMERICA - AFRICA – ASIA – OCEANIA).


We usually deliver in Italy within 5 estimated working days (for products marked with the wording “In stock - Estimated delivery within 5 working days from the order”) and 14 estimated working days (for articles marked with the wording ”Estimated delivery within 14 working days from the order”), from order payment. For deliveries abroad some days shall be added to the above: the number of additional days depends on the destination Country.

For special parts manufactured only on demand for each single Client delivery time depends on the single article production time.

Due to temporary unavailability of products in our Suppliers, due to temporary difficulties in importing products from other Countries to Italy, due to peaks in work activity or individual deliveries in areas of difficult access or where it is necessary to carry out customs clearance, delivery times may be prolonged.

The delivery times indicated above may also vary due to events under or beyond the control of www.motorbikeadventure (Mb Adv S.r.l.): by way of example, holidays, strikes, fairs, calamities, epidemics etc.

Rev. 11 dated 16-05-2022